The mission of Kobrick College Consulting, LLC is to guide students and their families through the college admissions process.  Kobrick College Consulting, LLC is owned and operated by Felice R. Kobrick, LCSW.... Read more 


Through careful analysis and assessment, we work with students and their families to navigate through the college admissions process. Oftentimes, the search for the "right" college can be frustrating and difficult. Kobrick College Consulting, LLC eliminates that frustration by providing:  

State-of-the-art, college admissions software designed and personalized for each student;

Computerized, automatic tracking and reminders of registration and test dates, application deadlines, financial aid deadlines and more;

Up-to-the-minute status and progress reports, available 24/7, via student/family access to the student portal;

Evaluation and matching of student's credentials to potential colleges at the click of a mouse;   Read more....


  • "While we had been through the college application process twice with our older sons, it was a whole different game with our daughter. Felice helped us narrow down our list of schools, gave us excellent and realistic feedback on our daughter's chances at each school and took all of the stress out of the essay writing by working directly with our daughter. Our daughter loved working with Felice -- and she got into all of her tops schools!"
  • "Felice was always available on email and was very responsive to my questions."
  • "I was very overwhelmed by the entire college essay process. After attempting to go it alone, I knew I needed some help from an expert. Felice helped me manage my time, and I quickly felt much more comfortable with the process."
  • “Felice was excellent. She was very helpful, always there when I needed her, and great about getting back to me in a timely manner. She made the whole application process much easier.”
  • “I would definitely recommend Felice because she knows and guides the process very well.” 
  • “Best college consultant around, hands down!!”
  • “Felice provided invaluable feedback on my essays. She was true to her word-- my applications were polished and stood out!”
  • “We have already recommended Kobrick College Consulting, LLC to several friends. Felice was a wealth of information. She worked tirelessly for our daughter.”



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  • Roslyn-Albertson Youth Soccer Club
  • North Shore Autism Circle
  • The Woodbury Ball for Autism
  • Relay for Life - American Cancer Society


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