• "We are very relieved and happy that [our son] was accepted to Cornell School of Engineering [for Fall 2018]. I think it was one of the best decisions we made together to apply early to Cornell. Now, we do not have to worry about applying to any other school or waiting to hear from schools later on! Thank you so much for all your guidance throughout the application process. You helped us stay on track, meet the deadlines and stay focused. Your feedback on the essays, skype meetings, quick phone calls, emails - - everything played an instrumental role in his admissions. You understood our concerns, ideas and helped us implement them into his essays. Thank you once again for everything."
  • "The college process is known for being stressful--for parents and students. It can often test and strain relationships and cause many arguments. But we experienced none of that. We actually joked about how mellow the entire process was! Felice is smart, wise, organized and incredibly calm and reassuring. She had a great relationship with my son from the start and he appreciated her advice, guidance and even constructive criticism. And, with Felice's help, my son got into his dream program at his dream school--University of Southern California- Screenwriting--which accepts only 28 kids per year! I recommend that you hire Kobrick College Consulting! I feel confident that you will have the positive experience my family had. I can't say enough good things about Felice and her insights and approach."
  • "Unlike my school counselors, Felice was invested in me as an individual, not a statistic. I would recommend her to anyone I encounter in need of assistance."
  • "Felice has been an invaluable resource during the past year.  She was incredibly helpful, responsive and knowledgeable.  We will absolutely hire her for our next child!"
  • "I would recommend Felice Kobrick as I found her incredibly helpful and important to the success of my college application process."
  • "I was completely lost when I started my application process and Felice was there to help me through every step along the way. I even got into the school of my dreams!"
  • "We love Felice and would highly recommend her!"
  • "We were fortunate to work with Felice and found her to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the college application process.  She helped our son organize his college essays and applications.  Her guidance was so appreciated and we are so thankful for all of her suggestions."
  • "While we had been through the college application process twice with our older sons, it was a whole different game with our daughter. Felice helped us narrow down our list of schools, gave us excellent and realistic feedback on our daughter's chances at each school and took all of the stress out of the essay writing by working directly with our daughter. Our daughter loved working with Felice -- and she got into all of her tops schools!"
  • "Felice was always available on email and was very responsive to my questions."
  • "I was very overwhelmed by the entire college essay process. After attempting to go it alone, I knew I needed some help from an expert. Felice helped me manage my time, and I quickly felt much more comfortable with the process."
  • “Felice was excellent. She was very helpful, always there when I needed her, and great about getting back to me in a timely manner. She made the whole application process much easier.” 
  • “I would definitely recommend Felice because she knows and guides the process very well.”  
  • “Best college consultant around, hands down!!”
  • “Felice provided invaluable feedback on my essays. She was true to her word-- my applications were polished and stood out!”
  • “We have already recommended Kobrick College Consulting, LLC to several friends. Felice was a wealth of information. She worked tirelessly for our daughter."
  • “I would recommend Kobrick College Consulting to anyone looking for a College Consultant. Felice knows everything to help a young adult get through this process with ease. This whole "getting into college" was quite eye opening and we are grateful for Felice's time and suggestions!! Our daughter is now a "Cornellian" and we are so proud of her! "
  • "Your timeline for the students to "get things done" is key to not overwhelming them. We thought that this was key to getting what you needed from our daughter without stressing her or us!!"
  • "Felice helped us tremendously, guiding us through the whole process with both of our children. She gave so much attention to detail when reviewing their applications, brainstorming their essay topics and guiding the editing of their ultimately excellent essays. She shared her deep knowledge with us and answered EVERY question immediately, with great patience. Her calming influence helped our whole family. We have recommended Kobrick College Consulting to friends and will continue to do so! Felice was a tremendous resource and a calming guide throughout the whole college process."



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